Life Insurance Workshop is an Industry based Professional Upgradation Programme  Initiative, for students in Final Year of Graduation or with CT1 and CT5 cleared.  Conducted by Mr. Praveen Patwari, Mentor at AEI and Career Ambassador IFOA and  by Ms. Priyanka Mittal, with 2.5+ years of experience in the life insurance domain.

• Ever wondered how an Actuary works in the Professional world? • Do you know the risk faced by a Life Insurance Company and how  these affectthe profitability of its products?

• Do you know how to calculate Mortality rates, Interest rates and Persistency  Ratios used in real life Cashflow Projections?

The Workshop is divided into 4 modules, each module focusing on specific areas of the Actuarial Insights:

1. Understanding the basis of Life Insurance – analysing risk factors, movement of  in-force policy, Assumptions, Cashflows and Sources of Profit, Data Analysis using Model points.

2. Reserving– why hold reserves, how to create reserves, Modelling reserves  in Excel, Solvency Margin

3. Profitability– Reinsurance, Profit projection on Excel, New Business Margin on  Market Consistent Basis.

4. Pricing– Pricing Process, Pricing model of a Non-Participating Traditional  Producton Excel, Finding Premium Rates by running various scenarios on VBA

This workshop will answer all your queries related to real-life scenarios and give  you an exposure into the Corporate world.

It is a Bridge Course to link.

It is a course where you can apply your actuarial concepts in real life projects and also acquire necessary skills to convert your job opportunities.