Data & Business Analytics


With an increase in the culture of Work From Home, companies are moving towards cost efficient  tools and technology.  

From small businesses to big MNCs all are aiming towards automation of tasks, handling large data  sets with the use of algorithms, predictions, analyzations and visualization tools and programs. All  these results into cost optimizations. 

To solve ambiguous problems and selection, validation, and accuracy of models to solve business  problems analytics plays a major role. In the era of Customer-Oriented Marketing, it is Data Analytics  that aids in understanding customer’s response and behaviour and judgement and precisions. 

Data Analytics Job role includes Data Assurance, Finance and Higher Education, Sales and Marketing,  Business Intelligence and Data Quality. It is one of the emerging job profiles in the World. 

Actuators Educational Institute provides complete exposure to Data-analytics course with innovative  and creative teaching methodologies. Learn all Basic and Advanced Softwares in an interesting and  fun way witn Actuators Educational Institute. 

Data analytics is an industry relevant 150+ hours course Structure with real life case studies, live  project works, stock market analysis, in class Assignments for Practical Learning. 

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